In the budget dispute, the Italian government is now ready to of the EU Commission. Instead of a deficit of 2.4 percent of the economic power for 2019 Italy now offers a 2.0 per cent or 1.9 per cent. “Yes, those are the Numbers,” said Finance Minister Giovanni Tria, according to a report in the newspaper La Repubblica, in reply to a question. As the sheet of paper La Stampa reported, also wants Tria to 1.95 to 2.0 percent.

Previously, the Italian government had insisted the week to 2.4 percent. This is three times as much as the previous government of the EU had agreed. So you want to Finance, among other things, a basic security for the unemployed, a lower retirement age, and tax concessions. The EU Commission is calling for a significant correction and has paved the way for an excessive deficit procedure against the highly indebted country. This can lead to fines in the billions. Recently the EU had spoken to Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker of progress in the budget talks with Italy.

Italy’s overall debt by more than 130 percent of economic output. In Europe, a total allowed indebtedness up to 60 percent. The country is therefore obliged to reduce its debt in the longer term. However, many other EU countries exceed in addition to Italy, 60 percent, including France, Austria, and until last year also in Germany.

According to La Repubblica wants to meet in Italy, non-party Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte on Monday with his two deputies, Matteo Salvini and Luigi Di Maio, to discuss the budget. There is also the Euro Finance Ministers get together in Brussels. You will be advised about the draft Budgets of the 19 Eurozone member States for the coming year. In particular, Italy is likely to focus on.