Italy has proposed, in a dispute with the EU to the budget of the country to reduce the deficit in the coming year. This should be down to 2.04 percent, said the head of government, Giuseppe Conte, after a Meeting with European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker.

The most since June, government of Italy, consisting of the populist Five-star movement and the right-wing Lega Nord party had originally planned a deficit of 2.4 per cent in the budget in 2019.

The EU Commission had rejected in October in the fall, for the first time ever, the draft budget of a member state, the following improvements have been rejected. They criticised the fact that Italy’s debt is for 2019, three times as high as that of the previous government, with Brussels agreed. This is according to the Commission, a gross violation of the stability criteria in the Euro area. Italy opened a criminal case threatens. At the end of which the money could be met in the billions.

the debts of The Italian state amounted to about 2.3 trillion euros more than 130 percent of gross domestic product. Are allowed, according to the Euro stability rules, however, only 60 per cent. A country is about, it must generally reduce its debt in the longer term.

After the Meeting between Conte and Juncker, the Commission spoke of opportunities for a solution away from penalties. There is a good progress had been made, said a spokeswoman for the Brussels authority. “The European Commission will now analyze the proposals it has received this afternoon,” she said.