Britons Embrace Electric Vehicles as One in Four Likely to Pass Driving Test in an EV by 2026

New research has revealed a significant shift in the driving landscape, with a quarter of new drivers potentially passing their test in an electric vehicle by the year 2026. This comes as the UK continues its push towards achieving net zero emissions, with about 25% of practical driving tests projected to be conducted in automatic cars within the next five years, according to the latest data from the AA.

The findings indicate a growing trend towards the adoption of electric vehicles, as drivers increasingly opt for more environmentally friendly transportation options. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) reported that 17% of all vehicle passes in the previous year were in automatic cars, a notable increase from the year before. With the UK aiming to have 22% of new car sales be electric this year, the transition to electric vehicles is expected to accelerate in the coming years.

In a recent study, AA Driving School forecasts that 20% of all driving test passes will be in automatic vehicles this year, with the percentage rising to 23% next year and reaching 26% by 2026. Camilla Benitz, the managing director of AA Driving School, highlighted the changing perceptions around manual driving, stating that as more individuals embrace the idea of driving electric vehicles, the appeal of manual cars diminishes.

The research also revealed interesting insights into the demographic preferences for automatic driving tests. Before the onset of the pandemic, more females than males were opting for automatic tests, a trend that has started to shift with an increasing number of male learners choosing automatic vehicles. Older learners were also found to be more inclined towards automatic cars compared to their younger counterparts.

As the popularity of electric and hybrid vehicles continues to rise and the ban on new petrol and diesel car sales looms closer, the demand for manual driving tuition is expected to decline further. Benitz emphasized that the availability of more automatic vehicles, coupled with the growing acceptance of electric cars, is driving this shift in driving preferences.

The introduction of automatic driving tests over 50 years ago marked a significant milestone in the evolution of driving practices, setting the stage for the current transition towards electric vehicles. With the automotive landscape rapidly evolving, the future of driving looks set to be increasingly electric and automated.

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