British companies have warned of the consequences of a disorderly Brexit for the economy. Shops of any size were now at a point where there is no turning Back, told the five largest commercial Agency groups in the country, in a joint statement. The company watched with horror the quarrel of the deputies about the Brexit-the agreement of the Prime Minister Theresa May.

in view of this, the probability of a No-Deal scenario increases, a Unger Brexits apply at the end of March 2019. In preparation for this, many companies in contingency to put plans and paused or distributed investments, the supposed “productivity, innovation, Jobs, and wages” in the country. Offices, factories, and therefore jobs and tax revenues from immigrants from the UK, it said.

The government will intensify, understandably, their No-Deal planning, “but it is clear that just do not have enough time to prevent serious dislocations and shocks in just 100 days”. The future course of the economy was now in the hands of the members. The statement was signed among others by the British chamber of Commerce, the British industry Association and the Federation of small businesses.

the British government is preparing to Brexit without agreement

Brexit-Minister Steve Barclay had declared on Tuesday after a meeting of the Cabinet, that the British government wants to step up their preparations for a EU-exit of the country without an agreement. While a Brexit Treaty continues to be the goal, but a responsibility must ensure full government, for a Unger Brexit apply to be ready. It should now be increasingly published information on the company and in the UK, EU citizens living. But also, companies should take precautions.

British media viewed the step as a warning to the members of the house of Commons, and to the EU that it believes the UK seriously, and is willing, if necessary, without agreement from the community of States to withdraw.

Weakest growth since the global economic crisis

Barely 100 days before the planned EU-exit of the country on the 29. March is still not clear how the Prime Minister Theresa May, the agreement negotiated through the Parliament. During an appearance in the lower house announced on Monday to let the suspended voting on their Brexit Deal in the third week of January, take place.

According to the British chamber of Commerce decelerates the Brexit-uncertainty is now the British economy. For 2018 it is expected to only with growth in the gross domestic product of 1.2 percent, and for 2019 and then by 1.3 per cent, forecast by the industry Association last. The two weakest years since the recession, according to the world economic crisis a decade ago.