the EU budget Commissioner, Günther Oettinger, has warned of new financial burdens for Germany, should there be a disorderly exit of Britain from the EU. The British exercised their rights and obligations as contribution payers not up to the end of the financial year 2019 to come in the next year, “a mid three-digit million amount in addition to Germany,” said Oettinger, the Funke media group.

The CDU-politician is not excluded, that the exit agreement between the UK and the EU take place in London, but still a majority: “It is completely unlikely that the British Parliament in January approved the divorce agreement,” said Oettinger. Because for a disorderly Leaving or for a new Referendum, there is no majority. The probability that the British remain in the EU, according to Oettinger’s view, although in recent months it has become larger. He but in spite of the fact that it’ll come to an exit.

the UK, the EU is expected to be on 29. March 2019. Should come there was no agreement on the withdrawal in force, it would be thousands of rules for cross-border traffic and trade between the UK and the EU, invalid. British business associations have warned for the case of a possible hard Brexits: “companies would be faced with heavy new duties and taxes. Delays at ports could carefully destroy coordinated supply chains.”

The European Union decided 100 days before the Leaving date for the case of a disorderly exit of great Britain a series of emergency measures. The plans should “limit the worst damage of a No-Deal scenario”, the EU-Commission. The package of measures the EU has 14 areas in which a disorderly exit “would create large disturbances for citizens and businesses”. This includes tariff and trade provisions, air transport, climate policy and Finance. Brussels assured British citizens that they would retain their right of residence on the continent – provided, this approach is based on reciprocity.