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read It Friday, the 29. March 2019. Tonight Britain to leave the European Union – without the agreement. Until the end, Prime Minister Theresa May played the game. The goal: The house of Commons should accept at the last Minute, the EU negotiated contract. But after a tumultuous debate May missed again the necessary majority. Last Attempts to convince the hardliners among the Conservatives, to run into the Void. The Labour Opposition voices do not come together enough.

As of May, until the end, for tactical reasons, has refused to ask the EU to postpone the withdrawal period referred to in article 50 of the EU Treaty, what nobody wanted: a Brexit without a Deal. The evening is expected to be a government statement. Theresa May will emphasize that the country is prepared for months. But is this true?

London, Westminster. Theresa May convene on Friday a meeting of your Sicherheitsstabs Cobra. In addition to Cabinet members, the heads of the police and the security agencies should sit at the table. The NCA, the British counterpart to the Federal Bureau of investigation, and the government had agreed a few months ago, a No Deal as “critical” for the public order. She was “deeply concerned” about the consequences for national security, warns the NCA Chief Lynne Owens. Because the UK will have caps from one day to the other, all the data lines to the European information systems, for example, to law enforcement.

In October protested in hundreds of thousands in London against the Brexit. © Simon Dawson/Shutterstock

at the same time, anger and fear in the population is large, it comes in spite of years of negotiations to a hard exit from the EU. Many organisations have called for the weekend to large demonstrations in front of Parliament, Trafalgar Square and in Hyde Park. In October 2018 of 570,000 British had demonstrated against the Brexit.

so Far, everything is on the streets quiet, the organizers emphasize that it is only a peaceful Protest. The government wants to be prepared for anything: A part of the NCA has imposed a ban on leave. To February 2020, the government can. in addition, the military and the reservists request, which can help in the implementation of emergency plans A few weeks ago, the defense has sent the Ministry staff in various other ministries in order to coordinate a possible No Deal.

London, Heathrow airport. The UK’s largest airport, the Brexit is felt on Friday. Everything runs contrary to previous warnings – largely without a hitch, no unusually long queues at the switches, no angry passengers complain about unusual flights. In the coming days, no Changes to the flight plans were announced.

The British government has concluded with many countries outside the EU bilateral agreements on air transport. Also, the EU has agreed the UK: The British may not offer, therefore, continue to operate in the rest of the EU and the European air space fly over. Only: do not use any Links within the EU. This interim solution should initially apply for twelve months, and then a comprehensive agreement to be replaced.

passport control it’s business as usual Although the EU established the free movement of workers, EU ends with No Deal-citizens have no right to live in the UK and to work. But you can enter without problems if you stay more than three months a temporary residence authorization must be requested.