On the supposedly last meters is the Brexit once more complicated. The EU has agreed with the UK on a compromise. However, it is unlikely that the British will agree to house the package immediately.

it is Planned that the deputies on the 11. December, after a five-day parliamentary debate, about the compromise with the EU in particular, to vote. All voting members of Parliament should participate in the election, would Theresa May 320 votes for a majority. It is estimated that you currently there is a lack about 100 votes. For the 9. December is considered a TV-duel between Theresa May and leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn.

Falls through Mays compromise, the British Prime Minister for 21 days, to make statements in Parliament, how she wants to proceed (see chart). The Parliament, in turn, can instruct the government on how to proceed is to negotiate, for example, a softer Brexit or a referendum. The government do not need to keep legally to this instruction, it can ignore the will of the members politically, but barely.

Theresa May, is expected to seek a legally possible second vote. According to a statement in the Parliament you could explore in Brussels, whether and what post is. However, neither the EU nor May have an interest in, the discharge of the contract. Probably it is only cosmetic corrections to the political Declaration. The Declaration sets the framework for a yet-to-verhandelndes free trade agreement. The heads of state and government could with any Changes at their summit on 13. and 14. December cheap.

May could try before Christmas, the compromise again in the lower house. The pressure on members of Parliament to prevent a No Deal and the associated Chaos, would be considerably greater. In London is also speculated that some of the opponents of the Brexit, and also the representatives of the Northern Irish DUP, the second vote will remain remote and other – could be included such as, for example, the Scottish members – the voice. This reduces the number of necessary votes. If at the same time, some members of the Labour vote group for May, would be a majority for the compromise with the EU, perhaps, but possible.

For a popular vote, the majority –

missing Completely open is what is happening in the UK, if May falls in the second vote. Would be possible for that Parliament by a majority of brings a petition, calling on the government to ask the EU for an extension of time. The would have to agree to the European Union in order to prevent a chaotic withdrawal without agreement at the end of March 2019, at the last Minute. May could see, but also forced to resign, or there could be a renewed attempt by the Tory members of the ultra-conservative Jacob Rees-Mogg, as party Chairman and as the Prime Minister down. It is also conceivable a vote of no confidence by opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn. Labour is considering, apparently, that such a vote after the first lost the vote. Not the Conservatives in such a case, a majority for a continuation of the government in Parliament to raise, there are new elections.

A second referendum, as it is discussed again in the UK, is a further possibility. The Labour party has already indicated that you could use for a new Referendum, should you can be no new elections to prevail. It is totally unclear, however, what the citizens should vote. The compromise of Theresa May? Or perhaps a remain in the EU? The result, at least in the polls, would be independent of the question probably.