In an emotional, loud and part of the heated debate, Prime Minister Theresa May, has informed the Parliament in London about the Brexit negotiations with the EU. Here, members from all the Camps expressed their concerns with the EU, negotiated the draft, head of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn.

After two years of botched negotiations with the EU, the British government put an agreement, this would be a Failure of the same, said Corbyn. His party respect the outcome of the referendum in which the citizens for exit from the EU had voted. But you don’t respect this “chaotic sloppiness”. The Parliament should now decide between the options of “no agreement” and “Mays”. This was not acceptable, says Corbyn.

before the debate in Parliament had not tweeted the head of the Labour party, it look like a good Deal for his country. In the lower house, he said, the agreement to not support the industry and protect jobs. The head of government to cross their own red lines. The government had not prepared to leave the EU, if necessary, without agreement, said Corbyn.

May, in turn, Corbyn accused to have no interest in this, to achieve an agreement. The head of the Labour party have complained that their government have no paper. Now, since it is in close proximity to, complain of, he, May. She was a good exit agreement for the UK to negotiate, said the head of government.

May has defended the design of

May said that the agreed draft of a Brexit agreement is a step forward. He “brings us much closer to delivering what the British people voted,” said May. This means that the UK take back control of its laws and limits. At the same time, jobs, security and the integrity of the United Kingdom would be protected.

subject to The former foreign Minister, Boris Johnson, and the influential MP Jacob Rees-Mogg accused May, in the EU. Everywhere in the London government district of white flags had been hoisted, said Rees-Mogg. Johnson announced his intention to vote against the agreement. The UK let the vassal state of the EU will degrade and be going to Ireland to hand over partial control over Northern Ireland.

from our own ranks, had to listen to it May review. Conservative MPs called on Cabinet members to reject the draft and threatened a Blockade in the Parliament.

May reject a new Referendum from the

Several members wanted to know from the head of government, whether she was ready to have a new Referendum or a new election to convene. This is not a settled fact: that There had been a Referendum on the Brexit, said May. The people would have decided to leave the EU. The put your government now.

the announced agreement in the Parliament at Westminster was not a majority, threatens to exit without an agreement – with serious consequences for all areas of life. First of all, it would be the end of the government May.

But first, you will consult with your Ministers about the draft. If you accept the agreement, is completely open. In front of the Parliament in May said that it expected that the Cabinet will decide on the next steps. “I am confident that this will bring us significantly in the implementation of the Referendum expressed desire of the British people.”