The Netherlands have been able to recruit due to the impending Brexits already more than 40 companies from the UK. The investments for the resettlement in the Netherlands amounted to approximately 290 million Euro, informed the Dutch foreign investment Agency. In addition, the companies bring nearly 2,000 jobs from the UK.

in the light of the “growing uncertainty about the Brexit” could leave the company on the “good economic climate” in the Netherlands, said the Dutch economy Minister Eric Wiebes.

according to The figures, 42 companies from the United Kingdom since last year, the Netherlands moved or are on the verge of. Most of the companies are British, there are also branches of companies, for example, from the US or Asia are including. Were called the Japanese investment Bank, Norinchukin, the media company TVT Media, the providers of financial services MarketAxess and Azimo as well as the Maritime insurers UK P&I.

the UK is currently at 29. In March, the European Union leave. Still, it is unclear whether the separation is disordered, or whether it will be in the UK still have a parliamentary majority for a Treaty with a controlled outlet.