Dam break in Brazil – protests against mining group Vale To the dam collapse at a mine in Brazil, relatives of the victims make the company in Vale responsible. In the case of the accident, at least 65 people had died. © Photo: Pilar Olivares/Reuters

After the dam break at an iron ore mine in Brazil, the police have detained two employees of the Munich-based company TÜV Süd. “We can confirm at this time that two employees of TÜV Süd were arrested in Brazil,” said the company, the news Agency dpa. Due to the ongoing investigation, the company could give but there is currently no further information. The office of the public Prosecutor according to which the employees have been responsible for in September of last year, the last safety review of the basin a retaining belonging to the dam.

The dam at the Mine of the Brazilian mining group Vale, was broken on Friday. A mud avalanche had covered parts of the plant and neighbouring settlements. How it came exactly to the time of the accident, is unclear.

in Addition, police detained three employees of the operator company Vale and was looking for the branch of the company in Nova Lima business premises of an external service provider in São Paulo. It was a possible “criminal responsibility of the company to Vale,” said the Prosecutor. The investigators now have 30 days to interrogate the five Suspects.

The state environmental authority has already imposed environmental penalties of the equivalent of 58 million euros, against Vale. In addition, Brazil’s justice froze the accounts of the mining company, as a precautionary measure around 2.75 billion euros for possible compensation and future penalties.

The number of confirmed dead has now risen to 65, as the civil defense announced. 279 more people are still missing. The number of victims is likely to continue to rise. “Unfortunately, it is very unlikely to find Survivors,” said fire Department spokesman Pedro Aihara of the TV channel Globo news.

1/13 The affected mine is located in the state of Minas Gerais in the Southeast region of Brazil. After a dam break on a back pool for mining waste, ergo grip shooting millions of tonnes of sludge on the environment of the iron ore mine, as you can see on this Aerial photograph. © Washington Alves/Reuters 2/13 rescue forces on the ground and from the air to the other Victims. © Douglas Magno/AFP/ 3/13 dozens of helicopters are in use. © Douglas Magno/AFP/ 4/13 While the mud dries, the forces in previously inaccessible Places. With rods you explore the surface and dig for Buried victims. © Douglas Magno/AFP/ 5/13 Because of the risk of a further dam break, the forces had to in your search to work around Brumadinho temporarily interrupt. © Douglas Magno/AFP/ 6/13 in addition to firefighters around a thousand soldiers and sniffer dogs are in use. In addition, 136 of the Israeli soldiers, with special devices for locating mobile phone signals, to support, in the meantime, the local rescue forces. © Adriano Machado/Reuters 7/13 people in Brumadinho fear for relatives who are still unaccounted for. © Adriano Machado/Reuters 8/13 By the dam break are covered huge areas with a mixture of water, gravel, and earth. This image shows a cow in the mud masses. © Mauro Pimentel/AFP/ 9/13 A further photograph shows a destroyed bridge. © Andre Penner/AP/dpa 10/13 a car has entered the mud avalanche. © Andre Penner/AP/dpa 11/13 Two days after the dam break, a group of people considered a flooded area. © Mauro Pimentel/AFP/ 12/13 Neighboring settlements affected by the disaster. © Mauro Pimentel/AFP/ 13/13 “shaking Everything, and I saw huge trees and people under the mud disappear,” says Emerson dos Santos. The 30-Year-old sitting on the broken roof of his family home, which was destroyed by the dam break. © Mauro Pimentel/AFP/