After the recent crash of two Boeing-737-Max-8 aircraft has revoked the Indonesian airline Garuda to the purchase of 49 machines of this type. According to the state Airline, you have asked Boeing, in a letter to cancel the order, worth several billion dollars. The passengers had lost confidence in the aircraft type, it was said to the grounds.

Garuda expect a response from Boeing. Overall, the Indonesian Airline had ordered 50 Boeing 737 Max 8, a machine had already been delivered. Garuda, however, want to give companies, according to the already delivered aircraft. The Airline, however, is not about to change the aircraft manufacturer. Rather, the purchase of machinery of a different model was pursued.

10. March, a 737 Max 8 of Ethiopian Airlines crashed shortly after takeoff in Addis Ababa, 157 people were killed. In October, Lion-Air-machine of the same type was already in front of the Indonesian island of Java killed at that time, there were 189 Dead. Accident investigators assume that the crashes with the controversial control software used.

According to the US-aviation authority FAA operates Boeing in a software update and corresponding installation programs for the 737-Max machines. A corresponding training program was prepared for flight crews. The U.S. Department of transportation and the FBI check meanwhile whether or not the safety approval is lost. The precise clarification of the causes of wide start prohibition for the series, 737 Max is a world.

plane crash – Boeing 737 Max should not be set in The flight recorder data from the two recently downed Boeing-machines have Similarities. The manufacturer in the production of the aircraft type. © Photo: Reuters TV