Plane crash – U.S. government considers approval of the Boeing 737 Max 8, The authority of the USA has approved the model of the plane that crashed in Ethiopia. The US government is now investigating whether mistakes were made. © Photo by Joe Raedle/

In connection with the admission procedure of the Boeing 737 Max 8, there are apparently serious accusations against the U.S. Aircraft Corporation and the competent U.S. aviation authority FAA. The reports the Wall Street Journal and the Seattle Times. Accordingly, the relatively new aircraft should not have been checked model according to the usual Standards.

As the Wall Street Journal reported, in particular, to the so-called trim system MCAS, the for the crash of a Boeing 737 Max 8 on the 10. March should be responsible. According to the newspaper, the US Department of transportation investigated now, whether the admission of the new control system by the FAA, the appropriate Standards and analyses were carried out. Two locations of the FAA had been asked to back up the appropriate files.

The investigation Department of the Ministry began, according to the information already after the similarly extending in the crash of a machine of the same type of the airline Lion Air in October in Indonesia. Here, too, the MCAS should be played-Software has a Central role. Actually, the System is intended to prevent the thrust of the engines will not climb to such an extent that the machine can straighten. Sensors then provide for a counter-control, the nose of the aircraft lowers. In the case of the two misfortune machines, this machine seems to be a symbolism for no reason been triggered. The result is that the aircraft fell in an uncontrolled manner and pitched steeply to the ground.

An older report from the Washington Post that Boeing had warned its clients after the crash in Indonesia before the problems with the MCAS System. Previously, there had been numerous complaints from pilots that they were not trained for the model to be sufficient. After the crash in Ethiopia, many States have imposed a curfew for the 737 Max 8. Boeing had recommended that the type of aircraft for the time being not to start. Previously, the group had announced a speedy upgrade of the Software, to make “a safe aircraft even safer”.

As reported by the Seattle Times, had Boeing informed the FAA of the extent of the new trim system is sufficient, appropriate documents have not passed or a certain series of tests carried out entirely without state supervision. “The documents have not been fully analysed. The Review was superficial, only certain dates were able to be met,” the newspaper quoted a former aircraft engineer, was with the approval process for the Boeing 737 Max 8 familiar.