The FBI has joined a newspaper report that the criminal investigations in connection with the admission of the Boeing accident airplane 737 Max. Citing insiders, the Seattle Times reported that the Federal police with their considerable resources to the already ongoing investigation of the Ministry of transport support. The determination was carried out by the Ministry of transport, but of the criminal Department of the Ministry of justice monitors.

The U.S. Minister of transportation Elaine Chao had ordered on Tuesday that her Ministry is checked whether the safety certification of the new Boeing-737-Max-planes is received in the year 2017, all with the right things. The inspector General of the Ministry should investigate the case.

Some US media, including the Wall Street Journal, had previously relying on the Insider on investigation by the Ministry of justice reported. The Ministry will confirm, or not, you’ll deny any such investigations in principle, a spokesman said.

the trigger for the investigation were two plane crashes in the series of the Boeing 737 Max 8 within a few months, in which almost 350 people have been killed. Accident investigators assume that the crashes with the controversial control software used.

According to the US-aviation authority FAA operates Boeing on a software patch and corresponding installation programs for the 737-Max machines. A corresponding training program was prepared for flight crews. The precise clarification of the causes of wide start prohibition for the series, 737 Max is a world.