Covid-19 was also positive in the actor and comedian of “Full House”, but it did not play any role in his death.

Bob Saget, an actor most well-known for his role in “Full House”‘s father, died from head trauma. He was tested positive for Covid-19 , according to a Florida medical examiner’sreport.

Saget, 65, , was found dead in his hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando Grande Lakes in Florida on Jan. 9,.

“Bob died from head trauma,” said the authorities. They concluded that Bob hit his head on something accidentally, and then went to sleep. The Saget family released a statement Wednesday, revealing the cause of death. “No drugs nor alcohol were involved.”

Joshua Stephany, the Medical Examiner, confirmed Thursday’s family’s statements and declared Saget’s death accidental.

Stephany stated that Robert Saget’s death, a 65-year old white male found unresponsive at a hotel room in his death, was the result of blunt head trauma.

“It seems most likely that the deceased suffered an unwitnessed falling backwards and struck his posterior aspect of the head. “

The medical examiner also found that Saget was positive for Covid-19. This confirms an earlier family declaration. This finding was not related to his death.

According to the medical examiner, there has been no evidence of foul play or drug use. At the time, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office stated the same thing.

Saget was in Florida on his comedy tour “I Don’t Do Negative”, which included three appearances.

Saget’s family thanked their fans in a statement for the outpouring of love they received.

His family stated that Bob’s love and laughter inspired them all to remember their lessons: to be kind, to love everyone and to show love to those you care about. They also encouraged us to smile and laugh at our most difficult times.