Crowd waited almost two minutes for couple to emerge

After President Biden arrived late for a Christmas tree lighting, the crowd was instructed to redo their applause.

The Christmas tree lighting ceremony was hosted by LL Cool J. The President and First Lady were introduced to the crowd, but it took nearly two minutes for them to appear.

The video below shows the rapper introducing them to the crowd as the music plays. The president and first lady, however, are not visible as the crowd rises.

After a while, LL Cool J informs the audience that they “are going it again”, while another person could be heard asking for appreciation.

As they were greeted by cheering crowds, the president and first lady were greeted at the Ellipse Christmas tree lighting south of the White House.

Biden expressed gratitude to the families and service personnel. Biden remembered all those who had died in the pandemic.

He concluded his speech with optimism for the future.

The president stated, “And as we gaze out across the nation with the promise for a new year ahead,” You are a great people. We will never be more optimistic about our future because of you. Thank you for making me so hopeful, I cannot believe it. I’m telling you what, we have so much to come.