Berlin Schönefeld is still a lot to do before the capital airport is ready. Currently, the fire protection makes the person responsible, apparently. Following Reports of new delays at the airport on the Federal transport Ministry has demanded a report in the newspaper that there is clarity about the status of the construction work and the opening date. Secretary of state Michael Güntner, has sent a letter to airport-CEO Engelbert Lütke Daldrup, reported the Bild newspaper. Lütke Daldrup to 17 accordingly. April a binding opinion, whether the opening date of October 2020 can be met.

the management of The company had declared according to the report, still at the beginning of April in a company meeting, “that the reliability and resilience of the opening date of BER applies.” Unlike meetings in February and March, the Board of management have put forward but at the same time restrictions. Especially the fire protection is preparing apparently, problems: In case of fire alarm systems and cables, the original date for objectives have not been adhered to “repeated”, it said.

the end of the week were once again doubts as to the schedule for the BER opening, according to. The daily mirror had quoted from a current TÜV report according to which from October 2020 planned opening may not be adhered to. The reason for the dismantling works in the Terminal. As before, should there be defects in safety-cables fire protection system. The problems were more serious than previously known, reported the newspaper.

Originally, the airport should be back in 2012 ready for operation and 2.8 billion Euro cost. Planning errors, technical problems, and construction defects had delayed the project again and again. Until the new opening date in the Oktrober 2020, expenditure is set to rise to € 5.3 billion.