Because certain bread rolls sold at Edeka and Netto may contain dangerous foreign bodies, they are now being recalled. If consumed, internal injuries may occur.

Panem Backstube GmbH has launched a recall campaign for two of its baked goods products. The products affected are the “Gut

The company strongly warns against eating the affected rolls. Individual packages may contain foreign objects made of wood. Customers who have purchased these products should under no circumstances consume them. There is a risk of serious injury, including internal injuries and injuries to the mouth and throat.

The recall affects Edeka customers in certain regions of Germany. The “Good

The “Kornmühle” rolls, on the other hand, were sold nationwide at Netto Marken-Discount.

Panem Backstube GmbH asks all affected customers for understanding and support in order to prevent the further spread of the potentially dangerous products. Further information on how to deal with products that have already been purchased or possible compensation for consumers is not yet known.

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