What should you do if your own stepfather gets involved in a dubious love affair and repeatedly sends money to a strange woman abroad? A man seeks advice online.

“Everything still feels a bit like an RTL lunch program,” writes a user on the Reddit platform, which is used by millions of people. According to the report, the user’s stepfather is involved in an emotionally complicated situation that affects the entire family.

According to the report, his parents met a young woman while on vacation about a year ago. After her return, the stepfather remained in contact with the woman from Thailand. “Then at some point the ‘sad stories’ came,” writes the Reddit user.

There were also requests for money. “He probably jumped on it and sent her (although less than she suggested),” the text continues. When the mother found out, there were arguments. However, the father promised to break off contact.

A few months later, however, the mother discovered again that the stepfather was still in contact with the young woman. There was probably “the full program, naked pictures, expressions of love and of course… the requests for money,” said the Reddit user. After the emotional affair arose, the stepfather and his wife came to an agreement.

“The topic itself never came up again,” the text continued. Until now. By chance, the man’s second cell phone was discovered while the couple were on vacation together. He bought this in January despite promises. He wrote to the Thai woman “diligently” and repeatedly sent her money.

According to the Reddit user, it seems that his stepfather is mentally stuck in a kind of “I know she usually rips people off for their money, but for me it’s different” mentality. He is perplexed and shocked because the man’s father himself fell for a scam and not only lost money, but also his family and friends.

In the many comments, users encourage him, but also say that it is the stepfather’s “right” to drive his marriage into the wall. Especially since the affair has been going on for a year, emotions are also involved, which makes it difficult for the marriage to recover.

The consumer advice center has been warning about the “Romance Scam” for a long time. People who are in contact with a suspicious person should, among other things, speak openly about the person of interest from the outset and never transfer money.

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