Anyone who has watched the nine episodes of the really great Israeli Netflix series “Hit

The pandemic had already made filming the first season difficult, and with locations in Tel Aviv and New York, “Hit

Directed by Bad Boys 3 directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, Batgirl stars Leslie Grace with supporting roles from Batman star Michael Keaton and was produced for streaming service HBO Max. where he should be running by the end of this year.

The decision not to show “Batgirl” in theaters or on the streaming portal, which is unprecedented in the industry, reflects “the shift in strategy of our leadership,” Warner Brothers said in a statement.

After Warner merged with media and entertainment company Discovery, Inc to form an even larger media group in April, this strategy is: blockbuster, blockbuster, blockbuster. And a film that didn’t cost a hundred million dollars is considered a “small” film. In industry services, however, there are also speculations about other reasons, from poor quality, although it is said to have been well received in test screenings, to tax-saving models.

Do you really never get to see this film? And if there isn’t another season of “Hit

Think, in another department, of Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Park’s Beach Boys album “Smile”, which was only released almost forty years later.

Or, many numbers smaller, the milk album “Socialpark”, which was only five years late. It’s quite possible that “Batgirl” will one day be bought by another media company and will be shown. In any case, the interest in the film will be even greater.

And wasn’t it the case with Michael Cimino’s 1980 late western Heaven’s Gate that with every dollar it cost, it got better and better? That this film was viewed differently just because it was said to have bankrupted the film studio responsible? Incidentally, “Heaven’s Gate” cost 40 million dollars at the time. So much for the small film category.