The number of bankruptcies in Germany is falling thanks to the good economic situation and has achieved in the current year, the lowest level since 1994. 19.900 companies have started to evaluation of the credit reform up to the end of the year, going to the bankruptcy judge. That would be on the information the credit reporting Agency is 1.2 percent less than in the already good year-on-year, at the time, there were 20.140 cases. Since the maximum is halved, the case numbers in the year 2003 with 39.470 bankruptcies. The number for the current year has been calculated by Creditreform on the Basis of the up to and including November this cases of high.

However, experts are skeptical that will continue the positive development in the coming year. “Against the Background of the increasingly effective economic brakes, and the interest rate, a further decrease in corporate insolvencies is turning over in 2018, ( … ) is questionable,” reads the study.

Stronger than business bankruptcies, consumer bankruptcies declined at the end of the year. Here is the since 2010, continuing the downward Trend continued, of 68,600 private people have been pushed into Bankruptcy and, thus, 4.7 percent fewer than a year earlier (71.960 cases). The lowest value has been reached since 2005. The main reasons for this are to be paid according to the assessment of credit reform, the declining unemployment and rising wages.