failed is wound up, The insolvent Berlin-based airline Germania, the rescue attempts. All reputable bidders have backed out, said the preliminary insolvency administrator Rüdiger wienberg. A closure was averted. “The employees will now receive in the next few days, the cancellations and will be charged in addition to the beginning of April”, – stated in the message.

The Investor for a Takeover of the operation and the two interested parties for maintenance and engineering, which can be backed out. According to the Vienna mountain printing the time difference in the end. You would have to find within two months to the end of March a solution. “Germania was grounded, we had no planes and no money to pay the leasing rates,” said Wienberg.

In February, the Airline had registered with nearly 1,700 employees in insolvency. Since then, around 250 employees have left the company. Some of them had been “poached” by competitors. “The job market sucks currently, still a lot,” said Wienberg. Because many companies are in need of skilled workers: “pilots are desperately lacking.” This also applies to technicians and Workers from the administration.

insolvency proceedings had not yet been opened

Germania a lot of travel headed for destinations in the Mediterranean. Every year, the fourth-largest German Airline had transported more than four million passengers. The aircraft remained with the bankruptcy on the ground. Own machines, the airline had nearly 30 aircraft were last updated according to the bankruptcy administrator all leased.

The actual insolvency proceedings has not yet been opened, as a spokesman for Vienna hill, new York. At the moment, the Phase of the preliminary insolvency process is still running. The date for the opening of a court decides on the basis of a report by the insolvency administrator. Other Airlines could come to be a greater focus on Germania Slots. Thus, the Start – and the land refers to rights at airports. For example, was shown directly after the Germania Broke the Lufthansa subsidiary, eurowings interest in the Slots at the airport Düsseldorf.