Rail transport – Deutsche Bahn makes less profit for The track recorded in 2018 with a profit decline of 29 percent compared to the previous year. Due to extensive investments, the company expects 2019 losses. © Photo: Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters

the profit of The Deutsche Bahn 2018 has declined by nearly a third. Compared to the previous year, it fell by 29.2 percent to 542 million euros as the group announced at its balance sheet press conference. However, sales increased by 3.1 per cent to 44.2 billion euros.

the reason for the high turnover is mainly due the new passenger record in long-distance transport. For the first time, over 150 million passengers traveled in IC and ICE. The Plus was, however, bought many special offers. The internationale Spedition Schenker ran relatively well.

The low profit is not sufficient to pay the dividend of EUR 650 million to the Federal government. Since the group this year alone, 2.2 billion euros for the investment in higher punctuality, prepares the car for the sale or IPO, the international transportation subsidiary, Arriva.

The net financial debt of the Federal group increased to the end of December compared to the year-on-Year to 926 million euros, to around € 19.5 billion. In addition to the debt even more delays hit the headlines recently. The main problems are, therefore, missing tracks, and an outdated infrastructure. The negotiations between the group and the Federal government regarding funding for repairs and expansion work is currently underway.