The US President Donald Trump threatened duties could be averted. The top managers of the big German car companies from going to a Meeting with the American head of state.

made According to Volkswagen chief Herbert Diess was “a step forward”. There are a number of concrete investment projects of VW. May be the German group Ford production will use the facilities for the production of cars, said Diess. In addition, the construction of a second plant will be considered. The negotiations for the establishment of a global Auto Alliance were pretty advanced. The Alliance would also strengthen the U.S. auto industry, said Diess.

Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche was also confident. Diess, Zetsche and BMW’s chief financial officer, Nicolas Peter travelled to the USA to be in talks with the US government the taxes on the car threatened to stop imports. Trump has been threatening for months to impose an import tariff of 25 percent on Car delivery from Europe. In particular, German car companies wants to charge the US President, because they deliver more cars in the U.S. than American companies to Europe. By the Ministry of Commerce, he can check whether the car imports from the EU to the national security interests of the United States damage.

No mandate for negotiations

cars from the EU will be occupied in the United States so far, with 2.5 per cent customs duties. Conversely, for U.S. Automobiles in the EU, ten per cent. On trucks and Pickups, raise the U.S. however, 25 per cent, while in the EU, with an average of 14 percent.

An official mandate for negotiations, the car bosses do not have. In Europe, only the EU Commission has the right to negotiate with other countries on customs duties, which is why the visit is controversial. Before the Meeting, it was from business circles, it was a summit round in the real sense. Instead, the representatives of the Trump-government would lead with the Top managers of the three German auto companies in the Eisenhower Building next to the White house, each one-hour individual interviews.

More plants in the United States

Before the Meeting trying to get the Manager to appease the US government with concessions: BMW announced recently, check the Option for a motor factory in the United States. VW brought in a U.S. production facility for E-cars into the game. Already today, all three companies have large plants in the United States. President Trump responded last week, on Twitter, on the announcements: “auto companies aspire to in the United States, including the BMW, that has recently announced a new plant.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) had reminded the Manager on Monday to the competence of the EU for trade issues. The corporations are “large employers” in the United States – to the extent that they had quite a reason to talk about questions of investment and the future of the U.S. government.