(Montreal) Seven is definitely the lucky number of Marcel Lussier, who at the age of 77 won a jackpot of 70 million on June 7, 2022, winning the prize in the 7/7 category and seven times the prize. from category 6/7 to Lotto Max. Of the tidy sum, the former Bloc member and retired Hydro-Québec engineer chose to donate 10% to the Véro Foundation

Already, when collecting his jackpot, the main interested party had expressed his interest in supporting the foundation to the tune of 7 million, he who is personally affected by the cause given that a young member of his family is autistic.

“I am interested in everything that is published on autism, I educate myself, I study the phenomenon and I also decided to support the cause,” says Mr. Lussier, whose statements to the media found feedback from the Véro Foundation

A meeting was therefore organized in the months that followed at Maison Véro

For Mr. Lussier, former Bloc member for Brossard – La Prairie from 2006 to 2008, this donation and its repercussions carry more weight than his three years of political involvement.

“Even though we were an opposition party, we influenced some big decisions, but I think the impact of the donation is going to be greater,” he said.

“The need in the field of autism is so great that I hope that the donation I am making will encourage other people to invest or give to this organization because after 18 years, these grown-up children- there fall into an empty hole,” adds the multimillionaire, referring to the cessation of public services once people with autism reach adulthood.

Already having an installation in Varennes, in Montérégie, the Véro Foundation

Mr. Lussier’s generous donation as well as the financial support of the François Bourgeois Foundation will fund the construction and commissioning of these establishments planned in the Laurentians and Centre-du-Québec, but whose construction start and date opening are not yet determined.

As the prevalence of autism is on the rise and more adults will be affected by it in the coming years, the need for such centers will only grow, it is estimated.

“We are deeply grateful and touched by this confidence that Mr. Lussier has in the mission of the Véro Foundation

The François Bourgeois Foundation has been associated with the project since the beginning of the charitable adventure of the Cloutier-Morissette couple and will finance the construction of a house in Centre-du-Québec. “It’s a project that we’ve been nurturing for a while,” says its general manager Olivier Gamache. The foundation has existed for more than 20 years, but our outreach dates back more than 30 years since family members are part of this clientele. »

The organization is working to create a resource in the Victoriaville sector, where it has already helped set up a respite center and a stimulation center for young autistic people in the region. “For us, an adult living environment fills a gap in the service offer and fits naturally into the continuum of projects that the foundation supports,” adds Mr. Gamache.

Each resource will house between 16 and 20 residents.

In Quebec, nearly 17,000 children aged 1 to 17 are considered autistic.