12.08.2022, Ukraine, ---: Ein Mehrfachraketenwerfer BM-21 Grad wird abgefeuert während Soldaten der ukrainischen Streitkräfte Präzisionsangriffe auf russische Ziele durchführen. Foto: -/ukrin/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

Advisor to the Ukrainian President Mykhailo Podolyak spoke to Britain’s The Guardian about the army’s strategy. The aim of the counter-offensive is to incite “chaos in the Russian armed forces” by attacking Russia’s supply lines deep in the occupied territories.

In addition, there could be more attacks on Russian-held territory in the “next two or three months,” similar to those of the past week. Several fighter jets were destroyed by explosions during an attack on a military base in Saky in Russian-occupied Crimea. On Tuesday, near the village of Maiskoye, an ammunition depot in a camp of Russian troops exploded. Ukraine is keeping a low profile about the exact course of events and is not openly claiming the attacks.

At least 361 children have been killed during Russia’s war of aggression, according to Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s Office. The value has therefore not increased for ten days. According to unconfirmed data, at least 711 children were physically injured.

The Russian state-owned company Gazprom warns its European customers of sharply rising gas prices in winter. These could increase by 60 percent to more than $4,000 per 1,000 cubic meters, as the company announced in Moscow on Tuesday. The reason for this is that exports and production continued to shrink due to western sanctions over the Ukraine war.

“European spot gas prices have reached $2,500 (per 1,000 cubic meters),” Gazprom said. “According to conservative estimates, if this trend continues, prices this winter will exceed $4,000 per 1,000 cubic meters.” Ukraine has closed one of Gazprom’s routes for deliveries to Europe. The group itself reduced its capacity of the Nord Stream 1 Baltic Sea pipeline to Germany to around 20 percent in a dispute over a gas turbine belonging to the German company Siemens Energy, which is responsible for maintenance. (Reuters)

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