(Montreal) Health authorities announced on Tuesday nine new deaths linked to COVID-19 in Quebec, as well as an increase in the number of hospitalized patients.

Of the nine deaths, only one occurred in the past 24 hours. Three happened two to seven days ago and five more than seven days ago.

Since the start of the pandemic, 18,244 Quebecers have died from the disease.

In the hospital network, we report an increase of 28 patients treated in connection with COVID-19, for a total of 1,268. Among them, 404 were in hospital specifically because of the coronavirus.

In intensive care, three patients were removed from the toll, which now stands at 28, including 15 patients who are being treated specifically for the disease.

For cases, Quebec has officially recorded 447 new infections, but remember that this data is fragmented due to access to screening centers which is limited. Quebecers also declared 33 positive rapid tests on Monday.

On the vaccination side, 1767 doses were administered on Monday.