As the soldiers did to captured German women

History 18/01/20 As the soldiers did to captured German women

the Soldiers were women, captured during the great Patriotic war, were often subjected to much more abuse and pain (often preceding certain death) than men. However, even after more than 70 years since the end of world magnitude of those atrocities, at least in General terms, and not marked by historians: documentary evidence of the conditions of detention in captivity of women in the military is either not preserved or still remain classified.

Reliable information about how did those who fought on the side of the Wehrmacht, SS and other divisions of Hitler’s army female soldiers, actually not so much, especially when you consider that full military status to women Nazi troops officially received only at the end of August 1944, up to this time they only were “attached to the army of civil servants” – in all units.

it is Necessary to take into account the fact that after the war in the USSR were interned thousands of German women (and also representatives of other nationalities living on the territory of States, actively helped Hitler and liberated from fascism by the red army): they worked in the camps of the Gulag, along with Soviet prisoners.

Perhaps, among them was a certain percentage of ex-servicemen, but this issue has to date not been adequately tested.

for a Long time published diaries of the Soviet military officer who took part in the storming of Berlin, Vladimir Gelfand (veteran, died in the early 1980s in Dnepropetrovsk). Twenty-two year old Lieutenant Gelfand as a direct participant in hostilities described a case that occurred on the Oder front in early spring of 1945. The Soviet troops routed the attacked their women’s battalion – “MSTitalic for the victims in front of men.” Ordinary soldiers wanted the prisoners of the Germans to stab “perverse way”, but in the end sorted Automattic divided into 3 categories. The first came… Russian (!), the second officers ‘ wives and a relative of Hitler’s warriors, proudly declares this, in the third category – girls. The last comers were taken “to bed” (their fate is not reported), and other (Russian – first) shot, without torture and abuse.

Subject to the conditions of detention of women prisoners of the red army by far the most developed in considerable detail: the many autobiographical testimonies telling of the atrocities of the Nazis and their accomplices against prisoners of war, trapped in the concentration camps (memories of the divisional interpreter of Paul of Such, the Israeli archive Yad Vashem and others), and were in the concentration camps of Germany and of the allies of the Nazis.

Women in the camps suffered not less than men for natural reasons – it was not elementary conditions for hygiene, the possibilities to change the sheets. Jewish women partisans and the Germans immediately shot. The Nazi camps, where the women were kept prisoners of war, committed atrocities, not only the Nazis, but the policemen, voluntary helpers from among the prisoners themselves.

the conditions of detention of German soldiers, captured by Americans in 1945, in one of the examples described soldiers of the army Eisenhower Martin Bres. Women, like the rest of the prisoners were kept in the Andernach camp under the open sky, but in some men the paddock. Fed them, as all bad, the prisoners ate grass, was ill with dysentery and died EN masse.

Bras explained such an attitude of their commanders prisoners that the Americans had already seen the horrors of Auschwitz, Buchenwald and other Nazi camps newspaper was trumpeted every day. Products from the Yankees there were in abundance – the prisoners are just deliberately did not give them: Americans bitterly hated the Germans as the nation.

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