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Arizona votes for the Build Back Better agenda. Arizona voter Biden says that inflation ‘bleeds’ him dry


Arizonans weigh the pros and cons to Biden’s trillions of dollars into the economy

SCOTTSDALE (Ariz.) – While nearly half of voters support President Biden’s Build Back Better framework for rebuilding the country, even his supporters are concerned about the ramifications that he is putting trillions of dollars into the economy.

“I am concerned about the national debt, because it is just massive,” Nash, a Scottsdale voter for Biden, said to Fox News.

“But I think we are going to be investing in infrastructure, which will create jobs, hopefully,” he continued. “We just need to inject more money and help people, you know. People just don’t get paid livable wage enough at the lower levels, and so they need a little extra help.”

Wes from Seattle stated that the timing of additional spending is incorrect.

“I just spent an awful amount of money coming out COVID,” Wes stated to Fox News. “It seems like it would be more beneficial to spend it down the road, I think.”

The $1.75 trillion Build Back Better Act was passed in November by House Democrats. It faces opposition from Republicans and Democratic holdouts such as Sen. Joe Manchin (West Virginia) and Sen. Kyrsten Silenza (HyperText0_ Arizona).

Greg from Scottsdale said that he worries about inflation because of the increased spending.

Greg stated that he believes more money – which the government is putting into the economy- isn’t going to the private sector. “We just went to Costco this morning, and it was probably 10% higher than it was a few months ago.”

Nash stated that instead of $25, the pump costs 30 dollars. You are not an income-earner so I don’t feel that it has any impact on me.

He said, “It kinda bleeds your dry a bit.” A little bit of pain here and there can make you feel like “Wow, I spend that much more.”

Greg blamed inflation on the Biden administration.

Greg said to Fox News, “He’s no America first.” He doesn’t care about working class. He is concerned about the academic aspects of running the United States.