Terminating your apartment for personal use is never nice, but in many cases it is legal. But what if the property management terminates a tenant because they want to expand their business premises?

A user of the online platform Reddit turned to the community to describe her desperate situation. Her and her daughter’s apartment was evicted – the property management claims personal use.

As the Reddit user explains in her post, she received a letter from her landlord, who claimed the rental property “in a timely and orderly manner.” The notice apparently states verbatim: “However, due to the planned expansion and expansion of our business operations, we are now forced to use the premises ourselves.” The mother and her daughter have until the end of August 2024 to vacate the apartment.

The tenant further explains that it is hardly possible for her to find a new place to live due to her full-time and part-time work commitments. So far she has only received rejections if she gets any feedback at all. “I don’t want to complain because I just don’t have the time or nerves for this,” the woman writes. But is it even legal to reject a property management company because of personal use?

Own use is a not uncontroversial way to kick tenants out of an apartment. It is not uncommon for there to be cases in court where landlords simply want to rent out the apartment at a higher price.

According to “Kanzlei-Maus”, the termination for personal use that the woman shared on Reddit is anything but legal. Only a “natural person” can submit a notice of termination for personal use; a legal entity such as a GmbH is not allowed to do so.

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