While actor Heinz Hoenig is fighting for survival in the hospital, the public’s attention reveals further problems in the star’s life: Apparently the star, known from films such as “Das Boot” and the RTL jungle camp, has taken on several aid projects. Organizations he supposedly supported do not know him.

Already in January, “Bild” reported that the “Heinz the Bull” foundation, founded by Hoenig in 2002, stated that the donations it received were managed by the “Verwaltung der Deutschen Kinderhilfe e.V.” But they have never heard of “Heinz the Bull,” says children’s aid honorary chairman Reiner Becker. The project is also unknown to the donation TÜV.

Since Hoenig promoted his foundation for several years, he probably received donations. What happened to these is unclear. According to media reports, the foundation never published an annual report.

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In these reports, friends believe that Hoenig overreached himself instead of cheating.

Another project ran similarly: In his adopted home of Blankenburg (Harz), the native of Upper Bavaria collected donations as a member of the local theater club to develop a former children’s holiday camp into the “Barn 86” project. He founded the “Heinz Hoenig Schmiede gUG”, auctioned off plaster figures and received a promise of support from the city. Then he dissolved the gUG due to lack of resources.

The city never invested any money in Hoenig’s project, says the mayor. The whereabouts of any donations remain unclear in this case too.

These publications are coming to light again because a recent appeal for donations for Hoenig’s treatment caused a stir. Almost two weeks ago, a stent in Hoenig’s heart became infected as a result of an infection, said wife Annika Kärsten-Hoenig. The necessary but risky operation costs around 90,000 euros: there is a hole in the esophagus.

Hoenig, who slipped into old age poverty after the peak of his career and has no health insurance, could not pay for the operation himself, his wife said. Hoenig’s long-time friend Ralph Siegel started a fundraising campaign for 50,000 euros on the Internet.

Due to the great response, the donation target gradually increased to 150,000 euros. Some observers then criticized the unclear use of the money.

Hoenig’s management explained the process: “The donation target has been increased because it has become clear in the last few days that unfortunately it will not be just an operation,” explains Siegelring GbR when asked by “t-online”. “Unfortunately, the costs to be covered will increase due to his state of health. Therefore, one cannot assume that the generous donations will exceed this.”

His management has not yet commented on Hoenig’s charitable projects. As soon as it does this, we will submit the statement.

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