Anna Elendt clapped along to the Italian national anthem at the award ceremony and was already looking forward to a possible medal cake in the team hotel. She really deserved it after an impressive final over 100 meters breaststroke at the swimming world championships in Budapest on Monday evening, which was rewarded with silver.

Her silver coup in front of her parents, who had traveled from Frankfurt, briefly left the otherwise eloquent 20-year-old speechless on Monday. Elendt received the medal with a big smile and proudly presented it to the photographers. She didn’t seem to have really realized the success at that moment, just as little as she did shortly afterwards, when she was already signing the first autographs. Only when she answered journalists’ questions in the catacombs of the Duna Arena was she back to normal.

“I wanted to get to the final and see what was up. Then it became a silver medal. I’m very happy,” said Elendt and said a cake like the one Märtens got wouldn’t be bad. “Cake always works.” Before that, however, she wanted to go for a walk to the hotel with her parents. “I’ve already seen them, I was very happy about that,” she said. Only Italy’s Benedetta Pilato was five hundredths of a second faster in an exciting race.