Strangely, The 23-year-old Chastity Patterson, of Arkansas, offers a remarkable emoverhaal shared it on Facebook. The young woman claims that she is four years old a long time a text messages sent to her dead father. Thursday had one of her friends to answer. A man who kept his daughter had been lost. “As a sign that everything is okay, and that I can now put to rest,” she writes.

“Hey dad, I’m in it” started out Due to her last text message to her deceased father, Jason Ligons, just days before the fourth anniversary of his death. “To-morrow will be a trying day.” Patterson, a grip that is a sad anniversary, to bring “closure” to the search, for the death of the Ligons definitely the place to be.

From her yet one more message to him, he gave Patterson a brief summary of her life for the past four years. She overcame cancer, did her research, it was love at first sight, was left with a broken heart, and was deep in the doldrums, but it was someone in her life is saved. They did not yet have children, but it is still there ready to go. She is afraid of marriage, because the Ligons her to the altar, you will be able to lead. And no, she’s in her “dirty magazine”, and “her attitude” is not lost. That is, she wrote all of them.

To her surprise, it was suddenly and for the first time, a text message from her old phone number of Jason Ligons answer. “Hey, honey, I’m not your father, but I will get the messages for the past four years, and” reacted the person. “I look forward to seeing you ochtendberichtjes to your nightly updates. I am Because of this. I lost my daughter in a car accident in August of 2014, and your comments kept me alive. If you text, I don’t know that it was a message from God.”

Brad wrote: “Patterson is often wanted to reply, but her heart didn’t dare to break it”. “You are an extraordinary woman and I wanted that for my daughter, it would have become just like you. Thank you for your daily updates. You remind me to remind you that there is a God, and that it wasn’t his fault that my daughter is no longer there. He gave me you, my angel, and I knew that this day would come.” Because of this decision, and that he was “very proud” to Chastity are a number of attractions, and that he looks forward to the updates in the future.

After her story, more, had, was Due in for an update on Facebook to know Jason Ligons is not her biological father. “But the blood would not draw near to me have them.” Ligons had in the year 2015 in order to be in a car accident. He was just 36. Patterson insisted that she as well as her dad saw it, even though it lives in its own biological father. “I’ve known him all my life, ” she said. “He didn’t miss a single schooloptreden ball of the match, and yes, he had a long conversation about my dirt, leaves, and my mind. I got together with him, cried to him, everything, and I’m very independent because he took the time to get me to hold on, and letting me see what happiness is. So, yes, Jason, that was my father, but he was also a role model for many children in our city.”

For the critics of her incredible experience and just a little bit over happen to find one, it had a number of attractions have answers ready for any questions asked.

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Yea, I sent him an update to the four previous years, I was ready for him to be put to rest.