The founder of ecommerce giant, Xiaomi, was rewarded a huge sum for closing the quarter. The increase in the price of the Prime service in America by 17% is the most notable.

Facebook announced this week that it lost profits for the first-time in 18 years. TikTok and Facebook would be to blame. But there are others who can smile on the other side. The founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos saw a + 14% increase in shares’ value between Thursday and Friday as he announced the accounts for the quarter ended. Forbes reports that he has added $ 20 Billion to his personal fortune, now worth $ 177 Billion (third among the scrounger elite behind Elon Musk, Bernard Arnault and Bernard Arnault).

Bezos, who no longer serves as Amazon’s CEO, now owns 9.9%. This is great news for Blue Origin founder, the space company. Why did stocks rise so much? It is evident that the pandemic’s aftermath has seen an increase in demand for Amazon signed services in the United States and around the globe. This is due to the combination of lockdown and the desire for safe shopping done from home.

The first result of this question is the rise in the cost for Prime (currently only in the USA but it’s possible that it will be available abroad). To have delivery in a quick time and to take advantage other services like TV broadcasts or preview discounts, you will need to make a $ 14.99 monthly contribution, or $ 139 annually. This is the first time that this 17% increase has been introduced in four years. Prime Video subscribers only will not see any changes.

Jamil Ghani (Vice President of Amazon Prime) stated that the price of Prime membership is increasing due to increased wages and transportation expenses. This news is not only for Americans, but also applies to Netflix rates. All the rest of the world is now waiting to find out if and when they will have to open their wallets.