In Leipzig, two election campaign workers were attacked by an unknown person. The man is said to have said “that the AfD was the only electable party”.

Two left-wing campaigners were attacked by an unknown person during an election campaign in Leipzig. As the police announced on Tuesday, a 46-year-old was treated as an outpatient in hospital after the incident on Monday evening. According to the party, the perpetrator kicked and beat him and a 21-year-old. In addition to insults, the unknown person is also said to have said “that the AfD is the only electable party.” When the emergency services arrived at the Lindenau market, the unknown man had already fled. The police are investigating assault.

According to the information, the two victims were election campaigners for the transport policy spokesman for the Left Party, Marco Böhme.

Several attacks on politicians and campaign workers have caused horror across the country in recent weeks. In Dresden, SPD election campaigner Matthias Ecke was beaten until he was hospitalized, and local politician Yvonne Mosler (Greens) was jostled and threatened while hanging up election posters. In Berlin, after an attack on Economics Senator Franziska Giffey (SPD), a suspect was temporarily placed in a psychiatric hospital. AfD politicians were also targets of attacks.