Align Technology Stock Outlook Revised by Evercore ISI

On Monday, Evercore ISI updated its assessment of Align Technology’s stock, lowering the price target to $300 from $370 while maintaining an Outperform rating. This adjustment came after the release of May website traffic data for Align’s primary website, showing an expected increase in case volumes compared to the first quarter of 2024. The company reported approximately 605,000 cases in the first quarter, with revised estimates for the second quarter now at 611,000.

Analysts at Evercore ISI are optimistic about Align Technology’s equipment business, anticipating a strong performance in the upcoming quarter and the rest of the year. Positive feedback from channel checks and company management, along with high demand for the Lumina product and the upcoming release of restorative software, are seen as potential drivers for equipment sales.

The shift towards more service-oriented sales within the equipment sector, excluding Lumina, is also contributing to the positive outlook. Despite changes in case volume estimates and the potential for increased equipment sales, Evercore ISI has chosen to maintain its overall revenue estimate for Align Technology, citing a balance in the various shifts within the business.

Align Technology, renowned for products like Invisalign, is adapting to a dynamic market environment. Recent insights from Evercore ISI emphasize the company’s ability to grow case volumes and meet new product demands, indicating potential for continued business expansion despite financial projection adjustments.

In addition to the revised outlook, Align Technology reported a 5.8% year-over-year increase in total worldwide revenues for the first quarter of 2024, driven by the Clear Aligner segment and the Systems and Services segment. The company also announced the acquisition of Cubicure and the launch of new products like the iTero Lumina intraoral scanner and the Invisalign Palatal Expander system.

Piper Sandler has maintained an Overweight rating and a $375.00 price target for Align Technology’s stock, highlighting the company’s stable market environment. The firm’s analysis indicates a mid-single-digit year-over-year growth in aligner volumes, surpassing historical averages.

These recent developments underscore Align Technology’s dedication to growth and innovation. The company projects a revenue growth of 6% to 8% for fiscal 2024, with investors advised to consider the recent share price drop as a buying opportunity, according to Piper Sandler. Insights are based on the analysis provided by Piper Sandler and the company’s earnings report.

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