(Lake Louise) A man died in Alberta when he got caught in an avalanche near a ski resort in the Canadian Rockies.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Corporal Troy Savinkoff said three people were in an out-of-bounds area of ​​the Lake Louise ski resort on Saturday afternoon when the avalanche hit.

Corporal Savinkoff said a 21-year-old man from Red Deer, Alta., died and his remains were taken to the Chief Medical Examiner’s office in Calgary.

Avalanche Canada indicates on its site that the level 3 avalanche was triggered by a skier. It would have been 200 meters wide and 550 meters long.

Two people were caught in the avalanche: one was partially buried and survived, while the other, who did not survive, was fully buried, it was reported.

The Lake Louise Ski Resort said in a statement that the avalanche happened in a closed area of ​​the resort, called West Bowl, and that none of the three people were wearing emergency safety equipment. avalanche.

“We extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the deceased,” the station said in its statement.

“It is also a serious reminder of the dangers of entering closed grounds. »

The station said Parks Canada and emergency medical services have been contacted and an avalanche rescue team has been dispatched to the scene.

According to Avalanche Canada, a size 3 avalanche “can bury and destroy a car, damage a truck, destroy a small building or break a few trees.”