Baggage Handler Reveals Surprising Reason You Shouldn’t Put Identifying Tags on Luggage

A baggage handler at Dublin airport has shared a surprising tip for travellers – avoid putting identifying ribbons on your luggage. Despite the common practice of adding ribbons or tags to easily identify bags in the baggage claim area, the insider, known as John, warns that this could actually lead to more problems than solutions.

John explained to RSVP Live that attaching ribbons to suitcases can cause delays in the scanning process at the baggage hall. If the bag cannot be scanned automatically, it may end up in manual processing, increasing the risk of it not making it onto the flight. Additionally, he advised removing old stickers from bags, as they can also disrupt the scanning process.

In addition to avoiding identifying ribbons, John shared other tips to ensure the safe arrival of luggage at the destination. He recommended placing suitcase wheels up to reduce the risk of damage and cautioned against packing Marzipan due to its density, which can be mistaken for explosives and result in a bag search.

If travellers do experience lost luggage during their trip, travel expert Erika Kullberg suggests taking a picture of the bag before check-in. This serves as proof of the bag’s condition in case a claim needs to be made for compensation. Kullberg also advises using tracking devices to locate bags in case of delays or losses.

Passengers have a legal right to claim compensation for delayed, damaged, or lost luggage, with airlines typically providing essential items and a small amount of money for replacements. By following these tips and being prepared, travellers can navigate potential luggage issues with ease and ensure a stress-free journey.

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