Airline – Germania insolvency, The airline Germania has suspended the operation of the aircraft. Not all the passengers would have a claim to compensation for transport, said CEO Karsten Balke. © Photo: Paul Hanna/Reuters

The German airline Germania has applied for insolvency. The Berlin-based Airline was in on Tuesday night all of the flights. “Unfortunately, it is not possible for us finally to bring our funding efforts to cover short-term liquidity needs to a successful conclusion,” said CEO Karsten Balke. The employees had already been informed about the end of the company.

the passengers, the flight ticket is part of a package, to apply the information directly to the organizer. Anyone who has purchased the Ticket directly in Germania, could not expect a refund or a replacement carriage, it said.

The Lufthansa group, the airline Condor will offer Germania passengers, however discounted Tickets. The largest Overlap in the schedules there is with the subsidiary Euro wings, said a Lufthansa spokesman. The services were targeted, in particular, to passengers, who are not with a package holiday operator on the go.

abroad at the end of Germania Seating-customers could book return flights until the end of February of this year, from now on, the Euro wings-page flights, half of the fare will be refunded to you in retrospect. Condor wants to transport Germania-guests for the half, where places are available.

in Addition, is to be set up on in the coming days, a booking, with discounted Tickets for the network Airlines, Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian airlines can be booked. Are planned in a lump sum, net price of 50 euros (Europe) and 200 Euro (the middle East).

Former Airline Manager apparently wanted

help the financial problems of The airline were known in the beginning of January. The flight operations went more according to plan. In the meantime, the company had spoken of the successful financing negotiations. The end of the month, it was then known, that the payment of the January salaries to employees delays. The Airline justified the financial bottleneck with massive increases in fuel prices, and with an “exceptionally high number of technical services to the fleet”.

on Monday, the Neue Ruhr/Neue Rhein Zeitung had reported that a group under the coordination of former Airline help managers and in the short term, a two-digit million amount of prepared wool. To belong to the group of former Air Berlin chief Joachim Hunold. Germania wanted to comment on the report. In the night the message that before the district court of Berlin-Charlottenburg the insolvency was requested.

Germania is a German airline with a more than 30-year history. The Airline was founded in 1986, since 2009, Berlin is the seat of the company. On the Short – and medium-haul passengers carried Germania more than four million passengers per year to more than 60 destinations within Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Together with the Swiss Germania flight operations AG and the Bulgarian Eagle Germania operating the last 37 planes.

Until the end of October in 2017, the then second largest German airline Air Berlin had stopped their flight, approximately 8,000 employees were affected. In the fall of 2018, the Charter airline Small Planet Airlines, based in Berlin, in bankruptcy went.