Championships, A fifth victory in the Tour with two gold medals in Tokyo, japan. For it is nothing less of Chris Froome at next year’s making a comeback after a terrible fall three months ago at the Dauphiné.

I won is still on crutches. He is riding a bike now and again on the front of the apparatus. But it does not last more than an hour, ” he says in a recent interview with The Telegraph . “Twenty to thirty per cent, of the strength in my right leg, seventy to eighty percent of push down with my left leg.”

And still want to I won the next year for the fifth time, winning the Tour de France. Froome is going for the olympic gold in the time trial and the road race takes place in Tokyo. “It’s going to be forty degrees celsius, with a humidity level that is to be cut. We have the 5,000 meters of altitude to do. It will be great.”