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Heike Buchter

housing shortage prevailed in New York since the great wave of immigration from Europe, as the people crowded in the Slums of the Lower East Side. Today, the metropolis is with its more than eight million inhabitants, place in the rental rankings in the United States. Only in San Francisco, where technology companies such as Facebook and Google have settled, are the Rents even higher.

however, unlike on the West coast of the tenants were in the fight for affordable housing in New York successful. Nowhere in the USA you are better protected. Already in 1969, the city implemented Rent control for certain apartments. In the case of rent-stabilized apartments, the owner may increase the rent annually to only one of the city’s specified percentage. Mayor Bill de Blasio, who was not selected last with the promise of affordable housing, froze the Rent for these apartments for two years.

fight for every square meter

Who can afford that? Will live for years more expensive. Mainly because more and more people in urban drag rooms. About the background, possible solutions and current changes in information ONLINE in the focus on “fighting for every square meter”.

About 990.000 apartments, in which 2.6 million New Yorkers live, are bound by rent control. This corresponds to about half of the rental housing in the city. Three-quarters of the apartments are located in buildings built before 1947. The protected rental agreements can even be inherited. For the owners of the apartments of this protection, however, means lost income. While the average market rent is for a two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan is around 3700 euros per month, the equivalent of the average rent-stabilized rent is only half as high.

This article dates back to the TIME no 06/2019. Here you can read the entire issue.

This creates incentives to avoid Rent control. The landlord has two options. The rent beyond the legal increases of 2700 dollars a month, there is no protection. It does not apply when a tenant moves out voluntarily. To achieve this, the owner sometimes very rough. If the endless renovations, the legal prosecution of even the smallest irregularities, the Installation of cameras or the billeting of homeless people – every New Yorker knows such horror stories. Often the companies behind it, have taken over a building and its value before a sale, we drastically want to increase stuck investment.

Often, investors come through with such a project: Since 2007 172.000 apartments in New York have fallen out of the rental bond.

London: The abandoned Generation of

John F. young, Claussen

the turn of The century there were about three-quarters of British people in their own home, today there are not 60 percent more. Significantly more people than in the past to pay the rent.

the policy, these statistics are a huge Problem. Because apartment owners, the measure of all things is in the UK, especially for newcomers to the profession, however, is unattainable. The population on the island has not grown rapidly, the offer on the real estate market. According to official estimates, the absence of the four million dwellings. Even optimists in the Ministry of the interior, that the requirement will not be before 2030 covered.

London: 2410 US dollars (rent per month for a furnished apartment of about 85 square meters in the “middle” position)* © Miguel Sobreira/plainpicture

the age group of 26 – to 34-known for Years today as the “Generation of renters”, which the Prime Minister Theresa May says: “The society has left these young people.” You pay an average of 949 euros cold rent of the month, in London the average is 1525 euros. For the majority this is about half of your monthly income.

The law is in doubt on the part of the landlord. Rent increases of ten percent a year are the Norm – if the landlord wants more, he must announce this to only sixty days in advance. The consequence: For rent housing is considered as a transitional solution. According to little landlords like tenants to invest in the preservation or improvement of the property.

remedy is not in sight. From time to time the government makes a good-sounding promises to change the tenancy within the meaning of the tenant, but nothing happened. Easier it is to support young British people through tax relief when purchasing. Also, since you will encounter of course the same Problem: The offer is far below the demand.