(Quebec) Montreal police officers are going through difficult times: there were a record 78 resignations last year and no less than twenty more since the beginning of this year.

“Honestly, it’s difficult,” said the president of their union, Yves Francœur, in a parliamentary committee at the National Assembly on Tuesday morning, where he denounced the new sanctions that the government wants to impose in Bill 14.

This bill would modify the role of the Police Ethics Committee, which would become a court with Bill 14.

“It’s over the line,” Mr. Francoeur said of the sanctions.

The president of the Montreal Police Brotherhood rejects, for example, the imposition of a sanction such as a medical examination, an assistance program, community involvement and a social immersion course.

These are measures that “handle the workers”, which “treat the police unfairly and treat them like criminals”.

According to Mr. Francœur, this is not an ethical sanction.