A student applied for a part-time job at the university. The job interview became a humiliation for her.

When student Aixin applied for a job as a student ambassador at her university, she had no idea what awaited her. The job was advertised for the minimum wage. Nevertheless, many students applied for him.

During the group conversation, the interviewer asked her to get down on all fours and “moo like a cow.” For “three to four minutes” they all crawled around at the interviewer’s feet and made animal noises.

Of course, she was “pretty annoyed” by the requirement. “It was highly inappropriate,” Aixin told the BBC. “But there was peer pressure because everyone else was doing it too.”

Officially it was said that the task was to check whether they were all relaxed. But perhaps “someone had a bit of a power trip,” Aixin says looking back.

Londoner Pearl also had a negative experience during the job interview. Because she moved to the UK from Uganda when she was a child, an employer insisted on paying her less. She should be satisfied with a salary at the local level – for Uganda.

On “twitterpearls” a woman reports:

“The HR manager actually said to me… You were only invited because I wanted to see a fat woman up close… That was 25 years ago and it still hurts. By the way, it took me an hour to get to that asshole.”