The aircraft manufacturer, Airbus, has not paid according to the media hundreds of millions of euros, a report from a state loan for the development of the large aircraft A380. Of the loan in the amount of 942 million euros, the Federal government did not receive back more than 600 million, reported the Newspapers of the Funke media group. This is clear from a response of the Ministry of economy to a request from the FDP group in the Bundestag.

The state could stay on the rest of the total seats, because the repayments are tied to deliveries of the plane. Airbus wants to build up to 2021, only 17 copies of the A380 aircraft and deliver, before the company ceases production. “The Federal government will analyze the effects of production stops now and then with the company to discuss, so that currently, there is no statement about any repayment claims can be made,” said state Secretary for Economic Affairs, Ulrich Nußbaum, in his response to the FDP.

Airbus takes the position that the governments were backed by the risk of the project. Therefore, the company no longer had to operate after the end of the production credits. An Airbus spokesman told the Handelsblatt that you have refunded for every machine sold, Pro rata risk participation. The rest of the amount was due to the cessation of production in 2021, is void, because the risk was realized.

Airbus had announced in mid-February, to end the A380 production up to 2021. Reason for the poor order situation. Previously, the Arab airline Emirates, the biggest A380 customer had reduced orders.

France, Spain and the United Kingdom had the company state loans for aircraft developments granted. The United States had accused the EU because of the support for Airbus distortion of competition, the world trade organization downgraded the subsidies as illegal. The EU sued, for its part, the United States, because of the billions in tax breaks for the U.S. aircraft manufacturer Boeing.