Parts of New England, upstate New York, northeastern Pennsylvania and northern New Jersey were bracing Monday for a snowstorm that could drop dozens of centimeters of heavy, wet snow.

The US National Weather Service warned that the storm is expected to start hitting late Monday evening and continue through Wednesday.

The storm is also expected to bring strong winds, and power outages are possible.

More than 45 centimeters of snow could fall in western Massachusetts, but only about ten centimeters of flakes along the Atlantic coast.

Meteorologists are yet to determine the exact path of the storm.

A winter storm warning will be in effect between Monday evening and Wednesday for parts of upstate New York, northeastern Pennsylvania, northern New Jersey, southern Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont , as in western Massachusetts and parts of Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Leaders asked people in the region to be ready and informed.

The storm will coincide with local elections in New Hampshire. About 20 communities decided to postpone the vote, while others reminded voters that they could vote by mail.