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the Name of the head of the NKVD Nikolai Yezhov was closely linked with the Stalinist repressions. He positioned himself as a dedicated supporter of leader, ruthless to the enemies of Soviet power. What are some interesting facts contains the biography of the “iron Commissar”?

About his childhood we know very little. Yezhov himself stated that he was born in a family of workers in St. Petersburg in 1895. Work allegedly began at age 11. That worked in the factories, it was arranged by journeyman shoemakers and tailors.

From an early age pursued him health problems. Yezhov suffered from anemia, had tuberculosis. And looked worse: his big head was disproportionately small, frail calf.

finding himself in the civilian world, the future of the “iron Commissar” went in 1915 to the army. But there has been a failure. He was injured and then sent away from sin to Tyl.

the First thing that catches people in the eye when meeting with Yezhov is his small stature (about 150 cm). However, to what extent this helped him in his career. According to historians, Joseph Stalin was not very fond of tall people, so I try to pick up a lower environment.

the employee of the Central Committee of the Communist party Ivan Moskvin Yezhov quickly went to the mountain. But to forget the old offense, he could not. The future of the “iron Commissar” remember that due to growth it is not taken seriously, looked down on him. Moskvin’s wife Sophia and is called Yezhov “Sparrow”, often fed and spared.

Worked “Sparrow” is good: in recognition Moskvina, Yezhov was the perfect performer. However, leader of the celebrated and one of its major drawback: future people’s Commissar was not able to stop in time.

This is more than evident in the years of Yezhov’s leadership of the people’s Commissariat of internal Affairs. As head of the NKVD in 1936, he enthusiastically began to clean up the country from enemies of the people, spies and other unreliable elements. The total number sentenced to capital punishment during the “yezhovshchina” in the hundreds of thousands.

According to historians, Yezhov from January 1937 to August 1938, every day were sent to Stalin about 20 papers with reports of arrests and executions. During the same period, according to the entries in the visitor log, the “iron Commissar” was visited by the leader of the 290 times.

more surprising that this others are not noticed in Yezhov’s no “demonic entity”. He was polite, gallant with the women, loved Russian folk songs and poetry, particularly of Sergei Yesenin, in the case of quoted poetry.

According to writer Yury Donbasskogo, was not a man who responded to a Yezhov bad. For example, the wife of Osip Mandelstam Nadezhda remembered him as a pleasant man who gave her flowers and took her husband in his car.

Yezhov in 1935-1937 he worked on his own book entitled “From factionalism to open counterrevolution”. In it, he tried to explain the emergence of political opposition in the Soviet Union. Stalin was satisfied with the manuscript, but asked to make some changes. However, the book was never published because of the political situation in the country in those years was changing very quickly, and Stalin was asked to make all new edits. And when the Commissar was arrested, he was not to literature.

“the Sparrow” had a strange hobby – he collected things, reminiscent of his victims. So, after the arrest of the former head of the NKVD Genrikh Yagoda to Ezhov collection got some things predecessor. Among other things, in his secret “treasure box” was a collection of erotic imagery and a rubber Dildo.

After his arrest Yezhov during a search in his office also found a four-pack of tapered bullets. It turned out that these cartridges were killed, convicted of counterrevolutionary activities Grigory Zinoviev and Lev Kamenev.

Second wife Ezhova Evgeniya Hawtin – faithful to the husband did not keepand. She had Affairs with writers Mikhail Sholokhov and Isaac Babel, the Arctic Explorer Otto Schmidt. About the adventures of the wife of the Commissar the buzz was all Moscow.

Yezhov, easily sign the orders for the executions and killed thousands of people, could not cope with their own wife. The situation drew the attention of Stalin. The leader urged the head of the NKVD to settle relations with his wife.

However, from his passion in terms of debauchery Yezhov was not far behind. According to a friend Hauting Zinaida Glikina, the “iron Commissar” ran almost every skirt.

in addition to “Sparrow” not only liked ladies. After the arrest he confessed that he had homosexual relations with six men. The first of these was the Deputy chief of one of the factories in Leningrad, Ivan Dementiev. Among their lovers Ezhov was named as Director of the Moscow art theatre James boyar and one of the organizers of the execution of the Royal family of Philip goloshekin.

the Last years of his life Yezhov drank a lot. When arrested, its a service apartment found a huge amount of alcohol.

Stalin Himself has repeatedly lamented that Yezhov sometimes impossible to find in the workplace. He was lying dead drunk. His addiction to alcohol with an “iron Commissar” is not denied, but added that still worked like an ox.

Ivan Proshkin

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