A day get 120 tons of milk: Plemzavod

the flagship of the regional dairy industry, ZAO Plemzavod “ERMENI” set the record: 12 000 liters of milk per cow, confirmed the first Deputy Chairman Oleg Bugakov. Plemzavod “IRMEN” only works on own raw materials, milk and meat gets from their own herd, uses own supplies of forage grown on fields of the enterprise.

the Number of cows in the dairy herd “of IRMENI” has 3500 heads and milk production is about 120 tons per day. This figure reached the livestock of Israel and South Korea, where the widespread use of advanced achievements of selection and modern technologies of housing, feeding and milking. As, however, in a “ERMENI”. Ilmenskie cows are kept without a leash, they are not restricted in movement. Cows are in large rooms where there is a deep litter of sawdust or straw.