Is it really the former Minister of Health under the Couillard government that you are presenting to us here? As much as he was antipathetic to me when he was Minister of Health, the portrait that you make of him here makes me like him. Does this mean that political organizations, along the “party line”, depersonalize people who engage in politics?

Take a walk through the network and you will see that Gaétan Barrette has caused the employees to lose all sense of belonging! If an employee does not identify with an employer, then goodbye motivation and mobilization. Without these two criteria, how can an organization evolve? It is said !

I find him very eloquent, intelligent, humble, I would like to see him as leader of the Liberal Party.

Barrette has made a monster of the health network and Dubé is making the monstrosity worse by adding the Santé Québec agency to the job. How awful ! Misery…

I have always loved this politician and the human behind it. Certainly, he has frank ideas and direct and frank speech; people are too cautious and reckless to admit that sometimes it has to go through rigor to achieve big changes. Always exciting to hear!

Mr. Barrette doesn’t have a wooden tongue and that’s what I like. He is always very interesting to listen to on the show La Joute.

The very evening of the PLQ convention, in November 2021, where the party’s Youth Commission had just passed a resolution aimed at separating politics from administration in the field of health, i.e. the very idea of ​​​​creating a health agency Quebec as the CAQ has taken over now, Mr. Barrette had replied to the journalist that it was not a good idea, that it would not work because politics would always be in control of the budget. What does Mr. Barrette mean to Mr. Dubé? Does he want to tell her that he would now be ready to leave the political side and join the administrative side of health? Does he want to send a message to Mr. Dubé suggesting that he would be ready to take the reins of Health Quebec if asked? We will never know, but what is certain and certain is that Mr. Barrette had ample time and means to create Santé Québec if he had really wanted to do it when he was Minister of Health and he never did.

Well done, Mr. Barrette. You are a man of integrity, and that is rare. I admire you in your discipline and for all that you have achieved. The coffee is taken black as the starless night, full-bodied as hell and with a glass of water to chase away the bad taste. Thank you for your discussion with La Presse.

He made the public health system dysfunctional (I would even say demolished), to pave the way for the acceptance of the private sector. It started with Couillard and it accelerated with Barrette. This was evident from the first mergers, not to mention their trip to power and the disappearance of the influence of communities on the services they receive. They eliminated any resistance expressed by local elected officials on the boards of directors.

I am not liberal, far from it, but I have always admired his audacity and his apparent imperviousness to criticism. He is very confident. For him, I have the impression that his vision and the means to achieve it are more important than the resentment that his actions can cause on others. In fact, more exactly, I have the feeling that he doesn’t give a damn about the opinion of others. It’s not necessarily a flaw when you want to turn things around, but you don’t want to show it too much and that’s where his personality didn’t fit his role.

Of course, the old croc still has his tears and a lot of regrets, he says. But when it passed, when nothing was done, when 15 years of immobility have impoverished and damaged Quebec and the people who live there, I have only one regret, and that is to have lost my health to hear these fake crowd leaders shouting. Without services and without doctors, hospitals devaluing staff and pushing them into retirement, the inhuman management of health care has harmed us all.

Introspection is certainly not a practice with Mr. Barrette. He would do well to take off his own glasses, but from what I read in this interview, he never will.