(Montreal) Montreal police will go door to door on Sunday in a residential area of ​​Town of Mount Royal, where a residence was riddled with bullets during the night.

Those inside were not injured when the incident occurred around 2:20 a.m. Sunday on Dobie Avenue.

“Several projectile impacts were located on the residence as well as several casings on the ground,” said officer Jean-Pierre Brabant, spokesperson for the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM).

A security perimeter has been erected in the area to allow investigators to carry out their work, looking for clues to locate the suspect or suspects.

“Door-to-door will be done during the day to try to locate surveillance cameras [which would have captured images of the crime],” said Mr. Brabant.

The people who were inside the residence have already been questioned by the police.

The SPVM investigation is continuing.