The Champions League is An all-time low in the number of balcontacten. Inter picked up a vital win against Borussia Dortmund, however, are high, remained in the possession of the ball is visible. Replaced on the hour after about 8 of the balls have been hit. Not much of a Big Move.

There was a hand-to Antonion Conte. Big Rom it was that night, it wasn’t. A silent retreat at the San Siro, but after the final whistle with a broad smile. The team comes first, then and only then is the ego. Which is why you see him in Inter: Lukaku is a team player and be comfortable in the group. Be happy for herself, happy for others as well. Even after a poor performance.

Conte took Lukaku to the side. Enjoy. The counter names are not.Less than 8 baltoetsen. Inter was Lukaku, not at Dortmund. Lukaku thought his teammates did not. In the pouch of the Mat tiny toddlers. It must be said: back then, Antonio Conte, are high after one hour, at the end he had to spitsbroer Lautaro Martínez, there are only a handful of the more affected: 14. Very much, for both of them. The only difference, however, is that Lautaro had been achieved. The Spaniard has been the man in form at Inter. Lukaku drifts into the shadow of it.

Generally, becomes more Inter by the match between the 30 and the 50 is a ball, but Dortmund had all of the passlijnen have been cut off. The play of the Italians, it was the way stereotyped. One of the three defenders trying to kick the ball in the back of Dortmund’s defence, to be disposed of. His attackers were rarely the same freedom.