The US aerospace group Boeing is progressing with the efforts to re-admission of the series, the 737 Max, according to their own information. “We are making ongoing progress on the way to the certification of our 737-Max-software updates,” said Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg on Twitter.

Boeing and have completed the last test flight for the software update for machines of the type 737 Max. The flight with the revised control system MCAS took place on Tuesday, said Muilenburg. Now a certification flight with representatives of the US-aviation authority FAA stand still. There are 120 flights with a flight time had been already completed out of a total of 203 hours to Test the expected Updates.

More than 85 percent of the world’s more than 50 operators of 737-Max machines have now had the opportunity to see the MCAS-Update on the flight simulator in action, Muilenburg. Especially for the fuel-efficient Max-new edition of the 737-series, developed control software is considered to be possibly decisive cause of accidents in the Boeing crash in Indonesia, and Ethiopia.

Actually, the automatic in critical flight situations, such as a steep climb, automatically the flight angle is correct. However, the preliminary investigation reports to the two crash indicate that the System has been activated due to incorrect sensor data and the machine direction of the floor, drew. In the case of the accidents 346 people were overall killed.